Project Homeless Short Film Finalists Announced

Short Film FestivalFilm Name: NIGHTIN`PAL
Team: Mobtik
Producer: Chris Brandl
Lead Male Actor: Andreas Genschmar
Logline: A dude is looking for some sleeping place




Short FilmFilm Name: Homeless Australia
Team: Abel Perrott
Producer: Derek Abel & Jacob Perrott
Lead Female Actor: Una Hanlon
Lead Male Actor: Rev Graham Long
Logline: Life on the street is said to be a whisper away, but its voice will now be heard.



Short FilmFilm Name: The Invisible City
Team: Fall Films
Producer: Rysan Fall
Logline: Conversations with the homeless.





Short Film Festival

Film Name: Peacekeeper
Team: Cinestudios Entertainment
Producer: Joshua Hoareau
Lead Female Actor: Tatiana Barrie
Lead Male Actor: Paul O’Brien
Logline: A former Australian Peacekeeper reflects on his time served in Africa during peacekeeping operations.



Project HomelessFilm Name: The Guardian of John Street Square
Team: Team Thunder Canyon
Producer: Francis J Edwards
Lead Female Actor: Natalie Joy Cooper
Lead Male Actor: Francis J Edwards
Logline: Once a soldier, always a soldier!



Short Film FestivalFilm Name: Soldier On
Team: Savage Productions
Producer: Rupert Raineri
Lead Female Actor: Lauren Pegus
Lead Male Actor: Rupert Raineri
Logline: The story of a young returned female veteran, and how she struggles to find home.



Short FilmFilm Name: Homeless
Team: Tutsy Navarathna
Producer: Tutsy Navarathna
Logline: Working for the few.





Short FilmFilm Name: Sun Dog
Team: Vilvi with turrit
Producer: Vilvi
Logline: Conflict at home is the main reason for leaving.





Short Film FestivalFilm Name: Captain George
Team: Ali Ftouni
Producer: Ali Ftouni
Lead Male Actor: Ali Ftouni
Logline: A true story of a professional director and artist




Short Film FestivalFilm Name: Good Citizen
Team: CyberPunk
Producer: Ramy Allam and Ahmed El Shammaa
Lead Female Actor: Reem Allam
Lead Male Actor: Omar Madkour
Logline: The chronicling of a government project and its effects on various members of the community.



Short FilmFilm Name: Home
Team: StillSearchin Productions
Producer: Ross Page
Lead Male Actor: Luke John Spiteri
Logline: ‘Home’ is a film essay that investigates the emotions in youth homelessness, where hope could be difficult to find.




Homeless Short FilmFilm Name: No Right Turn
Team: Team Smiles
Producer: Luke Robson
Lead Female Actor: Marina Loncaric
Lead Male Actor: Luke Robson
Logline: What if you were suddenly homeless, living on $2 a day? Would you survive the streets of Melbourne?



Screenshot 2014-06-30 21.00.37(2)Film Name: Homeless
Team: Above the Weight
Producer: Vaibhav Vats
Lead Female Actor: Yashica Vats
Lead Male Actor: Ashutosh Naga
Logline: A short film based on a child from a well-to-do family becoming homeless, due to issues at home.



Screenshot 2014-06-30 21.04.47Film Name: Budget & Co – The Homeless Effect
Team: JCL Productions Pty Ltd
Producer: Jon-Claire Lee
Lead Female Actor: Annette Labriola
Lead Male Actor: Martin Shaynd & Agustin Lamas
Logline: Budget Advertising Agency creates the perfect National Homeless TV Campaign with the perfect body part.



Short FilmFilm Name: Nell & Nugget
Team: The Gleaners
Producer: Nicky Tyndale-Biscoe
Lead Female Actor: Lucia Burke
Lead Male Actor: Cullen Jeffs
Logline: Australian Goldfields, 1890. Nell and Nugget live with their father, illegally gleaning gold from the tailings of abandoned mines.



Short FilmFilm Name: Ray’s Hope
Team: Pranish and Krishna (Bamboo Films)
Producer: Pranish Rai and Krishna Nadoor
Lead Female Actor: Emma Hunt
Lead Male Actor: Anuj Bhardwaj
Logline Ray gets evicted from his dad’s apartment. This film shows how he spends his night on the street homeless.



LGBT Short FilmFilm Name: Sanctuary
Team: Team LGBT
Producer: Justin Matters
Lead Female Actor: Vivian Von Vixon
Lead Male Actor: Brae Michaels
Logline: Two drag queens talk about their experiences with LGBT Intolerance and seeking shelter offering their views on the future



Short FilmFilm Name: A Vicious Circle
Team: Darklight Studios
Producer: Trudy Martin and Dan Jensen
Lead Female Actor: Susan Bush
Lead Male Actor: Matt Gaffney
Logline: A man’s life spirals out of control when he succumbs to his addictions which lead to tragic consequences.



Short FilmFilm Name: Roominations On Homelessness
Team: Ten Speed Films
Producer: Jennifer Ross
Lead Female Actor: Yvonne Joyce
Lead Male Actor: Dr. Guy Johnson
Logline: ‘Roominations On Homelessness’ explores the dilemma of homeless Australians in an open discussion with a cross section of the community.



Short FilmFilm Name: Ordinary Strangers
Team: MaxFilms
Producer: Max De Bowen
Lead Male Actor: Donald Masdammer & Omar Sattaur
Logline: Two ordinary strangers leading different lives.




Short FilmFilm Name: How did I get here
Team: Secret Rage
Producer: Secret Rage ( Vixen Lybbert)
Lead Female Actor: Secret Rage ( Vixen Lybbert)
Logline: The connection between addiction and homelessness and just how precarious our lives really are.




Homeless PeopleFilm Name: Lost in the War
Team: Machintual
Producer: Alfonso Garavito Olivar
Lead Female Actor: Tuanjana
Lead Male Actor: Alfonso Garavito
Logline: A veteran who returned from the war but everything in his life is changed


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