Eyebrow tattoo Melbourne

Our Nano-strokes methodology employs a singular needle tattoo apparatus to meticulously craft individual hair strokes, enabling precise tailoring of each stroke's detail and depth for your eyebrows. This approach is impeccably suited for individuals with scant to no hair. Renowned as the pinnacle of brow techniques, Nano-strokes ensure durability and enhance the health and appearance of your skin. For a more filled-in look, we also provide nano-shading to bridge any sparse areas, offering you the ultimate “fluffy brow” aesthetic. Discover more about the distinctions between Microblading and Nano hair strokes on our website.

Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne

Powder Brow/Misting Brows:

For a gentler brow aesthetic that liberates you from the daily use of an eyebrow pencil, our Powder Brows/Mist Brows could be your ideal choice. Employing a shading method akin to ombre brows, this technique produces a soft, powder-like finish through delicate pixelation. It's particularly beneficial for those with oily skin types, for whom Microblading might not be the best fit. Nevertheless, this technique is universally effective across various skin types. Regardless of whether you desire a subtle or more pronounced brow look, Powder Brows/Mist Brows will elegantly accentuate your eyes.

Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne is a prime option for women seeking a more pronounced or fuller brow look. For those accustomed to pencil application, it enables engagement in any activity without worrying about eyebrow smudging.

This non-invasive, cutting-edge procedure offers an immediate rejuvenation, eliminating the time-consuming effort of pencilling in your eyebrows daily. With your brow tattoo serving as a precise guide, the need for regular tinting, waxing, or threading is significantly reduced.

In the quest for the ideal eyebrow form, specialists are committed to harmonizing with your natural brow shape to achieve a subtle and natural look. Acknowledging that eyebrows are often naturally asymmetrical, we aim to strike a balance that honours your natural growth pattern without excessive hair removal. Overwaxing or extensive tattooing beyond your natural brow shape can cause discomfort for those already endowed with a robust brow foundation.

Eyebrow tattoos are an excellent means to attain the 'open eye' effect, offering the illusion of a facial lift.

Overwhelmed by the choices? Schedule a consultation with us to discuss the best option for you.

  • Before your procedure, there's no need for plucking, waxing, or shaving. With your consent, we'll simulate your desired brow shape and remove any hairs outside the tattoo's design.

  • Investing in a Cosmetic Tattoo can lead to savings in the long run, as many clients discover the elimination of the need for regular tinting, waxing, or threading. The tattoo serves as a precise guide for maintenance plucking.

Ombre Brows:

Achieve impeccable brows with our Ombre Brows technique! Eliminate the need for daily brow pomade and concealer. This technique features a lighter shade at the nose bridge, transitioning to a bolder definition towards the tails, creating a natural gradient effect. Our specialists ensure a perfect blend with your natural brow shape, enhancing your features while preserving the integrity of your existing brow growth.

Tattoo Eyebrow Melbourne


Embrace naturally fuller eyebrows with our eyebrow tattoo Melbourne. Utilizing fine needles, this technique crafts delicate strokes that simulate the look of additional hairs, ideal for those with a range from fine to full natural brow density and suited to dry to typical skin types. It is not recommended for oily, large-pored, mature, or sun-damaged skin. Especially perfect for individuals with dry skin or ample brow hairs looking to enhance their look by filling in sparse areas.

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